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Discover Unmatched Quality with the Steelcase Leap Chair – Reupholstered and Refined

Steelcase has earned its reputation for delivering the finest office chairs available. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce the gently used, reupholstered Steelcase Leap Chair, providing the comfort and style you’ve come to expect from Steelcase’s flagship product, all at a remarkably discounted price. In the world of office seating, this chair stands as a pinnacle of both aesthetics and functionality, setting new standards for elite seating.

Elevated Aesthetics and Functionality: The reupholstered Leap Chair is the perfect embodiment of refined elegance and exceptional functionality. It redefines what you can expect from office seating, and only a select few products can rival its excellence. This chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement of your commitment to quality, comfort, and style in the workplace.

Ergonomic Brilliance: The Leap Chair is not just a chair; it’s an ergonomic masterpiece. It offers a comprehensive range of seat, back, and pivot-arm adjustments that have been meticulously designed to reduce pressure on your body, enhancing blood flow, and ensuring unparalleled comfort. It’s a chair that adapts to your body and work style, promoting well-being and productivity.

Upgrade your workspace with the Steelcase Leap Chair – a reupholstered masterpiece that combines the pinnacle of aesthetics and the zenith of functionality. It’s more than just a chair; it’s a symbol of excellence that elevates your office environment.

Choose the Steelcase Leap Chair to transform your workspace with comfort, style, and ergonomic brilliance. Redefine your seating, redefine your productivity, and make a statement with this exceptional chair.

£349.00 + VAT

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Category: Swivel Chairs


  • Overall: Width: 30″ / Depth: 24″ / Height: 36″ – 41.5″
  • Seat: Width: 20″ / Depth: 19″ / Height: 15.5″ – 21″

More Details

Upgrade your workspace with the Steelcase Leap V1 Office Chair, a masterpiece of ergonomic design and innovation. With its unparalleled blend of comfort, adjustability, and style, the Leap V1 is crafted to enhance your work experience.

Material: New Leather

Colour: Tan

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Choosing Refurbished Furniture

Our refurbished furniture is fully tested, and we being fully steam clean the mesh on any refurbished chairs. The arms, castors and base of our refurbished chairs may show signs of wear and tear, however this doesn’t affect the functionality of the chair.