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Elevate Your Workspace with the Senator Dash Fully Adjustable Task Chair

When it comes to office chairs, nothing beats the combination of comfort, customization, and aesthetics. The Senator Dash Chair takes it to the next level, offering you a fully adjustable seating solution that caters to your unique needs while enhancing the overall ambiance of your workspace.

Tailored Comfort

The Senator Dash Chair is your ticket to personalized comfort. With adjustable seat height, backrest height, and armrest height, you have the power to create the perfect seating experience tailored to your body and work style. Maintaining proper posture becomes effortless, reducing the risk of those pesky ergonomic-related discomforts like back pain. Work smarter, work healthier with the Senator Dash Chair.

Aesthetic Excellence

Your office furniture contributes significantly to the atmosphere of your workspace. The Senator Dash Fully Adjustable Task Chair boasts a sleek and modern design that exudes elegance. Available in a range of stylish colors and featuring a refined shape, this chair seamlessly integrates into any professional environment. It’s not just a chair; it’s a statement of sophistication and professionalism.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Investing in high-quality office furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. The Senator Dash Fully Adjustable Task Chair offers you the best of both worlds – exceptional functionality and affordability. Choosing a refurbished option allows you to enjoy the perks of a top-notch chair while saving money. It’s the ideal choice for those budget-conscious individuals who refuse to compromise on comfort and style.

In conclusion, the Senator Dash Fully Adjustable Task Chair is your gateway to a workspace tailored to your needs and your taste. Experience comfort like never before, elevate your office’s aesthetics, and do it all without draining your wallet. Make a savvy investment in your well-being and workspace. Choose the Senator Dash Chair, where comfort, customization, and cost-effectiveness converge.

£139.00 + VAT

7 in stock


  • Seat Width: 475mm
  • Seat Depth: 450mm (60mm Adjust)
  • Seat Height: 450-570mm
  • Back Height: 525-600mm

More Details

The Senator Dash Task Chair’s high back chair offers lumbar support and is fully adjustable to meet the unique needs of every user. The ergonomic design promotes healthy posture and helps to alleviate common office-related aches and pains. The fully adjustable features, including the height and tilt, allow you to customise the chair to your individual needs, ensuring maximum comfort and support throughout the workday.

Material: New Fabric

Colour: Black

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Choosing Refurbished Furniture

Our refurbished furniture is fully tested, and we being fully steam clean the mesh on any refurbished chairs. The arms, castors and base of our refurbished chairs may show signs of wear and tear, however this doesn’t affect the functionality of the chair.